About The Club

Since its founding in 1926, Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club has played an important part in Scottish Cycling.  It is not just a racing club but has many spokes to its wheel.
Johnstone Wheelers have been at the forefront in the administration of Scottish cycling too, not only in the West of Scotland but also at the national level, while the Club's long-standing relationship with the Scottish Youth Hostelling Association has seen many Johnstone Wheelers taking lead roles in SYHA local and national committees over the last half-century.
The Club was formed with the aim of promoting all facets of cycling and in its early years was famed for its large Touring Section but, with the formation of a Racing Section, it was soon to produce Champions of both sexes who excelled at Scottish, British and International levels.
The Club's custom-built (1934) Clubrooms have helped establish the Johnstone Wheelers friendly image by means of the many varied social events held there on an annual basis by local community-based groups.
Many famous Members have promoted the Club over the years with their racing exploits, too many to list here, but you can read about some of them by clicking on the "Wheelers General News" link.  Similarly, a growing number of items about the Club's history can be accessed by clicking on "Club Info" at the top of the page.
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If you are a Former Member or if you are a Friend of the Club, be sure to sign the website’s forum, The Bunch ,and leave a message so we can keep in touch, while if you have any memorabilia, photographs, or stories you would like to contribute to the Club, please get in touch via the Club Secretary or the Website Administrator
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Kenneth MacDonald
Honorary Life President
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